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Upgrade to GEFC 2.2
« on: January 20, 2014, 05:55:34 PM »
I purchased the 2.0 version and was wondering what is the best way to upgrade to the newest version. Also, what are the best new features?

If you go out to our web site at you will see under the DOWNLOADS tab the following.

GEFC Directory 2.2 Update to 2.2.25 Only   This is the update to you 2.0 system.

GEFC Directory™ 2.2 New Features

GEFC Directory 2.2 is Pictorial Directory Software and has all of the features of GEFC Directory 2.0 plus these new features:

    Ability to Left Justify, Center, or Right Justify Horizontal Alignment and Top, Center, and Bottom Vertical Alignment of Directory Photos

    More Page Design Templates to choose from

    Saves recently used Page Designs in a convenient list for you to choose from

    Import Text delimited files in addition to the existing export function
        This allows a user to backup their files to a diskette or CD but it does not backup calendar/events
        If you want to backup everything you must copy you .GFC and .GPD files to a diskette or CD
        No checking is done for duplicate records

    Enter multiple Email addresses for an individual
        Must separate each Email address by a semi-colon (;)
        Brings up Email software (Outlook or Outlook Express) when you click on the Email button on the main screen (bottom right corner).

    Allows user to merge two (2) GEFC databases into one.
        This function allows multiple users to do data entry to speed up entering all of the individuals to be combined into one database.
        No checking is done for duplicate records
        Multiple users requires multiple GEFC licenses (i.e. one for each PC)

    [Text lookup box added to main directory window]
    Text lookup box added to main directory window
        Move cursor to the lookup textbox
        As you type it finds records matching
        For example, "b", could position to Barnes, and adding an "r" for "br" would then position to Brown
        Provides very quick record lookup even for a database with hundreds or even thousands of entries

    When making changes to Page Designer you are prompted to save your changes
    Background images in Page Designer are now are printed
    Saving events (birthdays/anniversaries) in now done when adding a new entry
    In Page Designer, blank page no longer prints at the end of the directory


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Re: Upgrade to GEFC 2.2
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2014, 11:16:24 PM »
When I open up the program what do I put in for the registration code?  Thanks.