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« on: February 05, 2013, 07:54:50 AM »
Click on File and you get the following drop down menu.  Then click on import.

The following screen comes up.

You then have the choice of the type of delimiter you have (usually have tab delimited) and where your Excel file is located using the browse button.

Here are the types.

If you chose tab and then hit the browse button the following screen comes up.  GEFC looks for the text file in the GEFC Directory.  Notice it is looking for a TEXT delimited file.  You must convert your Excel file to a text file so as to import into GEFC.


Click on the drop down menu to choose a text file. 

You should then point to the “Excel file” which you have converted to a “tab” delimited file,


Click on OPEN and the following screen should come up.

You must now match the Field Names to the Sample Data fields so there is a one for one comparison. 

You should use the up and down arrows to match up the fields (Names).

Notice I highlighted the First Name field and then used the up arrow to move that field ahead of the Last Name field so there is a match between the Field Names and the Sample Data.  You should do this for ALL fields where you have a corresponding field from your Excel sheet.  After matching the fields and DELETING the unused fields in GEFC’s data base, you should have the following.  NOTE: The minus sign is to delete the unused fields after you have highlighted them.

Then click on the Import button.

You should then get the following message and click OK.


You should then have your records imported into your GEFC data base.
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