Author Topic: I'm having trouble printing. I'm getting beautiful pictures with page numbers, b  (Read 2872 times) Tech Support

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There are three possible causes which could produce only pictures and page numbers. I will list them in order from most likely to least likely.
Fields which will be printed contains no fields. In the Print Window, if you have no fields selected to print, then your results will be only pictures and page numbers. If this is your situation, then click the modify button next to the "Fields which will be printed" section of the Print Window and select the fields that you want printed.

Font size is two large to fit in the print area of the selected print style. If you select too large of a font, this will cause the text from directory entry to overlay the text for the next directory entry, which one some printers causes it to wipe out the print entirely. Try using a smaller font size.

Your pictures are very large. If you have not re-sized your pictures, although the software does scale the images to fit, on some printers you may experience incomplete print outs. Try re-sizing your pictures. There is a video in this forum that shows you how to re-size your photos.