Author Topic: Our organization has a directory, but home page doesn't point to anything.  (Read 7926 times) Tech Support

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Your information says it can be configured to either go to our web site, or to our Picture-Directory Online welcome page. How do we do this?

To configure your Picture-Directory Online™ directory to have the Home Page link go to your website, do the following:
1.  Click Setup in the menu option list in the left sidebar.

2.  Click the My Organization tab in the tab area at the top.

3.  Click the Modify button on the My Organization form.

4.  Change the Home Page URL field on the My Organization form to your website's home page. (i.e.
Please Note:It is crucial, when you are using your website as the Home Page URL, that you include http:// ahead of your website URL. For example use instead of

5.  Click the Save Changes button on the My Organization form.