Author Topic: I'm having trouble printing what I have designed in the page designer  (Read 2709 times) Tech Support

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The two different file extensions have me confused also .gpd & .gfc. I also need to add some pages for history and memorials, how can I do this? Please help me!

The two different files types are used as follows:

  • gpd files - These are Page Designer Files. This is the print style you create. To use that print style when you print select "Page Designer Format" as the Style Name and then click the "..." button underneath this and select the .gpd file that you save earlier from page designer.
  • .gfc files - These are the Directory Database files. This is the list of names and addresses.

When printing you select a Page Design File or Print Style (.gpd file) to print your Database records (.gfc file)

To create history and memorials you can create a page design file that does not include directory entries. Another alternative is to use Microsoft Word or another Word processor to print the Cover Pages and Supplemental pages, and use GEFC Directory 2.0 to print the names and addresses.