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I get another error "3356" data base is open.
« on: February 06, 2013, 01:35:31 AM »
I am getting the subscript error when attempting to print but when I try the fix: compact the data base from the tools menu--I get another error "3356" data base is open.

This means that either someone else has GEFC Directory 2.2 open to this database (if your database is on a network drive), or you have GEFC Directory opened multiple times.

Close each instance of GEFC Directory.

Restart your computer, then navigate to the directory where your database is store.

There will be your database a .gfc file and possibly a .ldb file. The .ldb file is a lock file that should only be there while you have GEFC Directory open.  However if if your computer closed abnormally or GEFC Directory closed abnormally it could be there.  If the .ldb file is there, then delete it.

If it is not there, then you should be able to start GEFC directory and do the compact database.
Note:  If your database is stored on a Network drive and someone else has GEFC Directory open to this same database, then you’ll to instruct them to close GEFC Directory.

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