Author Topic: New directory output not correct from printer to PDF  (Read 4470 times)


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New directory output not correct from printer to PDF
« on: October 27, 2014, 03:46:16 PM »
I've been working on a new directory for a church.  I've never used the software before but up until now it has been smooth.  I've used Page Designer to get the format I need, and previews look good.  The issue I'm seeing is that from printer to my local Laser and to a PDF file, I'm getting two different results, neither of which are suitable for a final print.

My laser doesn't auto duplex, it is a manual feed.  So I printed it the way it was, and just placed the pages back to back to simulate a duplex.  The problem is, I a family that shows up on page 6 and on Page 9.  Page 6 also has a large whitespace, like it's missing two families, plus the ordering is wrong.

Moving onto the PDF output, it took this same family and placed them on three different pages this time.  And the ordering is off on one of them

Why are the results different from my printer to PDF, and what is causing the issue?  I can't take the PDF anywhere to be printed because it's got a family listed three times!