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Picture-Directory Online™ Overview

We are so excited to have the opportunity to provide you software and services to help you get to know the people within your organization! We have worked hard to make our software as intuitive and easy to use as possible. But we also know that most people want good in-depth documentation on the features provided by the software they use. We have made our help "context-sensitive" which means when you see the help icon, you can click on it and the system will display a help document relative to the area in which you clicked on the help icon. The help icon is shown here:

This software was created for those organizations that desire a mechanism to pictorially display faces and features of their organization. Whether you are a church, company or a charitable organization, this product will provide the capability to know the members, employees or volunteers who are part of this organization.

The structure and flexibility of this software package is divided into eight areas, which will allow almost any type of presentation you might desire. The nine areas are:
  • Home Page
  • Organizations
  • Directory
  • Groups
  • Calendar
  • Manage Pictures
  • Photo Galleries
  • Setup
  • Logout
In most software implementations, there is a tendency to start implementation with very little, if any, planning. It is suggested that a three-member team be formed to plan how you want our end product to be used and appear. You must keep in mind that the people using your directory will have a wide variety of computer skills and you should appeal to all types. Therefore, the most important person you chose is the administrator (for the directory) who should be computer literate and possibly work in the Information Systems arena. The next person should be basically computer illiterate with very few skills but should have some skills to quickly pick up computer concepts and always ask the question "WHY". The last person should have a skill set somewhere between the two. Each of these individuals should spend some time playing with a prototype directory specifically setup for your organization.

The primary questions you need to do for planning are the following:
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • How will you structure your directory to accomplish your objectives?
  • What information do you want to incorporate in your directory database?
  • How will you capture the information?
  • What mechanism do you have for capturing, touching up and uploading the pictures into the directory?
  • What are your guidelines for including and excluding picture into the directory?
  • Who will do the implementation of the data entry, etc. for the directory?
  • What are your procedures for giving access to your directory?
  • What are your security guidelines?
We are making a number of updates to PD Online™. Some sections need updated to describe these new and enhanced features.