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Directory Field Privacy

There is a capability for a logged on user to change security (i.e. viewing by other people) of fields within their directory data. To initiate this function, from the Directory Detail View tab, they need to click on the following line.

Once this is done the following Icons are shown.

For an end user to have access to this function, the administrator must update the following field (Ownership) to allow the user to update their directory fields. The User ID designates who can use this function.

This field is defaults to the user who created the directory entry which usually is your organization's administrator.

When an individual clicks on the Privacy Icon the following screen is shown.

There are three radio buttons that may be checked, Owner, Organization or Not Private. Only one radio button may be checked. Please notice that for this individual, Jane Doe, she has checked the radio button for picture to only be shown by the owner. The following shows what is displayed when someone other than Jane Doe is logged on.

A user may make a determination to define security on any field in their record.
We are making a number of updates to PD Online™. Some sections need updated to describe these new and enhanced features.