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Manage Pictures

The Manage Pictures area will not show up for all users of the directory. This is primarily for the use of the administrator of the system. It is recommended that you limit the size of each picture to 640 X 480 pixels. This tool is provided to monitor the space used on the Picture-Directory Online server. It should be understood that at this point in time the Manage Pictures area is only associated with the Directory area and does not take into account any photos included in the Photo Galleries area.

There are many tools available to help you resize your photos. Searching for such a tool on the internet you will most likely come across Photo Resizer Pro. If you would like to try their software, it's only $18.00 and it's free to try.

Picture-Directory.com makes no claim to the quality or value of this software and has no affiliation with this company.
We are making a number of updates to PD Online™. Some sections need updated to describe these new and enhanced features.