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Starting Point

There will be two types of users implementing Picture-Directory Online. Those that are migrating from GEFC 2.2 and those who do not have this product. Those that have 2.2 will have a capability to upload the 2.1 data into the Picture-Directory Online database. It may require some Windows cutting and pasting, but this will be easier than having to re-key the information. In both cases there is an upload capability of the pictures into the Picture-Directory Online database.

Those people, who do not have GEFC 2.2, will not have any direct import capability at this time. Imports from Outlook Express, Outlook and other contact databases will be made available as the import wizards are written. Outlook Express will be done first. Outlook Express has an Address Book built into it. A user will simply select the Export Option, select Address Book and Text File Comma-Separated Values, check all the fields and you will be able to upload this file and the records will be inserted into the database for his organization. Other import functions may be provided in future releases of Picture-Directory Online, but there is no timetable or prioritization of this function. The two approaches that come to mind are to key in all of the information or if it is in an existing database you could do the Windows cut and paste approach.

Your directory will be housed on the Picture-Directory Online server and the only access you will have to this server is through the functions provided in this software package. Any requests for new/additional functions can be submitted to Picture-Directory.com support. These requests will be accepted, but there will be no assurance they will be implemented. Those that are implemented will be implemented based on the popularity of the request. The most frequent requests will be implemented first.
We are making a number of updates to PD Online™. Some sections need updated to describe these new and enhanced features.